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Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

How to Find the Right Men's Hairstyle

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Sporting the right hairstyle undoubtedly gives any man the confidence to face the world. It makes him feel look more attractive and trendy. However, how to find the right men's hairstyle takes more than just copying your favorite celebrity's latest hairdo. Or liking your officemate's latest cut and thinking you'll have the same one too.
Not every hairstyle will look good on you. That's why you should put in a little time when choosing and deciding on one. After all, hair takes some time to grow back. And you wouldn't want to sport an unflattering one for some time, would you?
First things first: take note of your face shape. There are all sorts of shapes, and you need to know which is yours. Do you have a square, oval, round or triangular face? Is your face a combination of two different shapes? You see, the face shape determines the most flattering hairstyle anyone can sport.
Once you know your exact face shape, you got a pretty good idea what hairstyles you can pull off. You really don't have to memorize all sorts of styles suitable for a particular shape. What you can do is open up a magazine. Look for pictures of male celebrities having the same face shape as yours. Chances are what looks good on them will also look good on you. Remember that these celebrities work with hairstylists. Their hairstylists know what styles will best complement their face shapes.
Speaking of hairstylists, the next step is to find one of your own. However, not all hairstylists are the same. Some are more skilled at doing women's hairstyles than men. Ask around and find out where your male friends or coworkers get their haircut. Better yet, drop by a salon that looks cool and ask if they also specialize in hairstyles for men.
A hairstylist may suggest some styles that are more suitable for you, based on a lot of things. If you already got an idea of what you want to have, it pays to discuss it with the stylist. While what you want may flatter you face shape, however, your hair texture may not be appropriate for such cut. If so, it's time to consider some other hairstyle. He or she will bring out magazines or pictures of men's hairstyles. The two of you need to work together to come up with a decision.
Lifestyle is another determining factor in finding the right hairstyle for you. What do you do for a living? Do you work in a conservative office environment? Some may require you to sport a clean and traditional men's hairstyle. Others may allow for some trendier ones. Also, tell your stylist how much time you got for your hair. If you're always busy, you might want something that's low-maintenance.
How to find the right men's hairstyle is best done cooperating with your hairstylist. It may take a little time and discussion, but the results will surely be worth it when you step out of the salon.